Visit Tritech light and sound

Use our VENUE and  Sound Stage , fully equipped with  Audio, Video, and Intelligent lighting for your performance for your fans.  

A video wall and intelligent lighting system will compliment your performance as you stream and record your project for your live audience that attends the show that day.  There is also a Interview stage available for any kind of  unplugged performance or  discussion  related content that is relevant to your audience.  The streaming product offered at Broad Street studios is multi purpose.  Wether  you need  local accesses  to stream and record  STREAM VENUE STUDIO can provide the platform you need to get your message out.

 Live performance of all genre of music is the hart of our work.  We can also help produce Political or Faith based relevant  content as well as  comedy. STREAM VENUE STUDIOS can deliver  your content to 2 platforms at once with  Pro AV technoligy.  We offer virtual sound check as part of the package.

Send your live streams anywhere with STREAM STUDIOS . Stream to any service, including Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch and more. STREAM VENUE STUDIOS  will connect and broadcast to your chosen destinations using our international backbone, ensuring best possible reliability and performance.

A live streaming platform that allows 24/7, worldwide streaming, anytime. Unlike many other services, live broadcasts can’t run endlessly.  Live streams are not limited in duration.

With over 100 global nodes, our live streaming platform is optimized for performance, not cost.  Our high performance network will stream videos to your viewers at the fastest possible speeds, resulting in reliable viewing.

STREAM VENUE STUDIO helps you  connect with your audience,  by streaming your amazing live music performances. Your fans can also attend the show. Audience area limited to 197 in attendance.

 STREAMSTUDIO IS  a new kind of music streaming that has yet to make it to the tops of Google, and you definitely don’t have to be Radio head to do it. In fact, there are unsigned musicians making a living right now playing music for global audiences from STREAM VENUE STUDIOS.

 You can build a highly engaged fan base from scratch and interact with viewers in real time, no tedious editing of YouTube videos (or 500 takes of the same song) required. Best of all, perfection isn’t the key to a successful broadcast. It’s more about breaking down the barriers between performers and audiences and making genuine connections with people.


The atmosphere is so super casual, erring much more on the side of a long conversation than a formal performance. Extended noodling around on guitar or piano, singing a cappella, and chatting with viewers in the middle of songs are common practice at STREAM VENUE STUDIOS.

One often-forgotten truth is that great live music — even when recorded and replayed — makes for great television. The musicians’ interplay, the combination of hard-earned skill and raw physicality in the playing… when it all coalesces, it can be like watching riveting theater or a sporting event going down to the wire.

 So much of what we see on our screens and hear on our stereos is processed to the point of genial blandness. But someone stepping up to a microphone and singing in front of cameras can still feel urgent and real, no matter how well-rehearsed the show is.











  Broad Street Studios , 20 north Broad street Middletown Ohio, 45042    

 CELL 513-464-1182    OFFICE 513-424-9527

A Flexible Venue aimed at fulfilling your

Artistic aspirations and Audience participation

 Stream Venue

 Stream Venue

The local music scene lives here. The Stream Venue features both local bands and solo artist on the rise, cause let's face it, you gotta start somewhere.

Fueled by the desire to become the next popular Artist , Stream Venue offers a location for performers to fine tune their craft while making a name for themselves and connecting with their fans.

The Stream Venue hosts a wide variety of musicians and provides a stepping-stone for Artist on the rise looking to graduate to the levels of  regional and nation wide demand.

What makes a musical experience memorable is not only the artist or act that you came to see and listen to, but also the venue and atmosphere in which you were able to see the magic come alive. The most outstanding music hot spots in Middletown, Ohio are known for the local talent , the superb production format, and the feel-good vibe they provide to patrons. Whether it’s a solo artist or a rock band, a blue grass band or a hip-hop artist, the Stream Venue make the local music scene worthy of a visit as a patron or a performer.

We here at Stream Venue like to think of ourselves as the digital world's local connection for show and tour booking.  We do our absolute best to provide the best resources around for musicians/bands of all styles and accomplishments to get out there and connect with your fans in our venue and on line threw streaming.

Whether we're talking about attracting new fans, increasing music and merchandise sales, or even catching the eye of record labels, band managers, and other industry execs, value the significance of live performance. It can never be overstated. It is THE tried and true method of sustenance and longevity, and the only definitive way to take your music, literally, "direct to fans".

The upmarket nature of STREAM VENUE STUDIOS  can be seen in the inclusion of VIP areas in main performance sound stage area. For celebrities and their guests STREAM VENUE STUDIOS has much more amenities in the Green Room area.

STREAM VENUE STUDIOS may be un ticketed, with casual entry available on the door or with a cover charge, or advance tickets only. A dress code may or may not apply depending on the artist.

Although stage, lighting and other production aspects of STREAM VENUE STUDIOS  often make use of the latest technology, audience participation is what brings it all together for the performing artist.